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We do not consider ourselves a kennel. Our boxers are part of our family. We have raised each of our adults from puppies. We have selected only the top of the line puppies. They have all started out in our home with us. All of our adults boxers are broke to lead on a leash as well as follow basic commands. Even after they are moved out to the pen we still play with them daily. When you spend this much time with a boxer they become part of your family. This is why we do not like the word kennel. It implies unhappy dogs.

We offer fawns, brindles, whites, as well as the hard to find blacks.

We live on a 120 acre farm in Anderson, Missouri. We are about 15 miles from Arkansas and about the same from Oklahoma. Our family raises beef cattle, bale our own hay as well as many other farms duties.

Established in 1997


Dianna Kissire

1409 Cedar Rd.
Anderson, MO 64831


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